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Amazing 10 Giveaway@TH Corner

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giveaway from T.H Corner
Jom ler kawan2 sertainyer..ader 10 adiah utk dimenangi

Amazing 10 Giveaway @ TH Corner

What can you win? The 10 items below!
  1. Hello Kitty photo frame from TH's corner
  2. Angel Necklace from My Kid Shopping
  3. Black Leather Deodorant from Twins Happiness
  4. The KFC Delivery Crew from Also Mommy
  5. Pooh photo frame from There is Happiness
  6. Prelove Eyeko Pink Polish nail polish from name sherry
  7. Prelove Eyeko Pretty Polish nail polish from heart random
  8. Eye mask from
  9. Eye mask from
  10. Mask from That Blog 4 Me

giveaway ends on 12 April, 2010 at 11 pm.


One Response to “Amazing 10 Giveaway@TH Corner”

  1. T.H says:

    u are almost there , kena ada list ten items of the items :) dan satu link to th corner in post :)

    pls come back let me know once you complete :)

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